Most likely, you’re here because you’ve begun the process of looking for a trustworthy online platform through which you might play the odds on Sampdoria vs Genoa. 

And you’d hardly be alone in that. Sampdoria and Genoa may both be based in Italy, but they’ve earned fans all around the world – not least because Italy, like many European countries, is home to some serious footballing talent. A game featuring both of them is pretty much inevitably going to draw the attention of viewers across the globe – especially since the two of them have a rivalry, the “Derby della Laterna”, that’s been going on since the mid-20th century. 

And, of course, with global views come global bets; and with global bets come some seriously high odds. Which isn’t a bad thing, of course – it can, depending on your betting tastes, be the source of some real thrills. But before you cast your bet, you ought to be sure that you’re fully aware what the latest odds on Sampdoria vs Genoa are; and you ought to be sure that you’re prepared for them being pretty high. 

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Betting Odds & Stakes On Italian Soccer

As you’ll probably agree, one of the best ways to up the odds of placing a winning bet on a match of your favourite sport – whatever it may be – is by making sure that you’re up to speed with all the latest developments and news of the sport in general, as well as the specific game and the teams taking part in it. 

EaziBet is aware of this. To this end, our site doesn’t just let you bet on Sampdoria vs Genoa, or whatever other championship clash you might have your eye on; it also makes sure that, when you cast that bet, you’ve got all that you could need to build it on a solid foundation of fact. 

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