It’s likely that you’ve arrived here on this site because you’re preparing for the coming season of Serie A by seeking out an online platform through which you can play the odds on Genoa vs Sampdoria. 

And if so, you’re hardly the only one. Football fanatics not just across Italy, but across the world, are on tenterhooks for playing the odds on this particular bout – and not just because Italy is home to some serious football talent. 

The clash between Genoa and Sampdoria, also known as the Derby della Lanterna, is a football rivalry that dates back to the mid-20th century – and every instance of it is thrilling beginning to end. No matter which nation you may be from or which team’s flag you might happen to fly, there’s really no way not to get seriously excited about such a bout. 

The result of this, of course, is that a match like this draws widespread views – which give rise to widespread bets, and, subsequently, seriously high odds. 

Are you a fan of high odds in betting? Many folks are – indeed, some sports betting fans would argue that one of the most effective ways of enhancing the excitement of a sport of any sort is by betting on one with high odds. 

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Odds On the Italian Derby della Lanterna Football Game

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