The soccer betting industry, both off-line and online, has increased exponentially over the past 20 years and it is almost a trillion dollar industry per year. What drives this market is the fact that soccer is the most watched sport in the world, both on television and live.  

Every football lover has a favourite team, a team that identifies and resonates with them as individuals. This does not mean that a person must be born in the city that their teams come from but has reached such a global scale that the leading European clubs enjoy their most profitable revenue from the Asian market.  

Betting On Soccer & Other Sports

Manchester United was this year named the most profitable team on the planet with dozens of millions of fans spread out to every corner of the world. The historical significance of a team like Manchester United is drawn from a legendary 100 odd years in the English Football League and investing in some of the best players and top coaches in the world.  

The point here is that much like the Manchester-based team is a global asset so many supporters can bet on their favourite team to win the league, the cup, the double or treble. Online soccer waging is the one of the top ways to bet.  

Globalisation means that football lovers from around the world can watch and place a flutter on any team their heart desires, or their mind dictates. Soccer betting pools have been around since the 1920’s, starting in the United Kingdom.  

The pools is an old-school similar to the jackpot found on EaziBet, whereby the punter places an amount on 13 different matches on a given day or days and to win the big prize all 13 results must be winners. That is how the modern day pools have evolved, and soccer betting is now so diversified that punters can wager on who will be the first goal-scorer, who will get a penalty first and much more.  

EaziBet offers all these options and much more as the soccer betting game is growing hugely. The first big winner of the pools in the 50’s was a gentleman who won close to an equivalent of five million pounds, and this shows not only how well informed a punter must be, there is always that great equalising element of luck. 

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