Looking for a place to bet on Genoa vs Sampdoria? You’re most certainly not alone. These two Serie A soccer teams may be born in Italy, but the Italians have a seriously strong presence in the international soccer scene. – which means that both these teams have gotten the sort of exposure necessary to win them fans across the world. 

What’s more, these two teams have a rivalry that’s been going on since the mid-20th century; and every time the two of them take to the field, in what’s known as the Derby della Lanterna, the tension is strong, as long-standing rivalries tend to be. 

And, of course, as a result of this, a match between these two is inevitably going to draw international views. And international views mean international bets. And international bets mean potentially immense betting stakes. 

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. In the opinion of many sports betting fans, high odds are one of the best ways of making a game thrilling. But they do mean that, before you cast your bet on such big names in the international soccer scene as Genoa and Sampdoria, you ought to be aware exactly what odds you’re playing – and be sure that you’re equipped for them being pretty big, considering you’re bettiong on nothing less than the Derby della Lanterna. 

Online Bets On the Serie A Genoa-Sampdoria Playoff

But how, exactly, does one go about preparing to play serious sports odds? Well, you might have figured this out already; but when placing a bet on any sports match, one of the best ways of enhancing your chance of winning is by making sure that you’re wise to the very latest developments and news of the game. It can do a great deal in helping you make a smart decision as to which way your money should go. 

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