Here in Africa, we love our sports. There’s a reason we’ve got representatives from our continent featured in some of the biggest sporting events on the globe – our love of sport, and the folks that play it, is culturally ingrained.

And, of course, many of us also enjoy the additional thrill of spicing up the game by putting a bit of a bet on which of Africa’s champions will emerge victorious. And here at EaziBet, we’re dedicated to helping our fellow lovers of betting in Africa make their plays slickly and safely.

Online Betting On African and International Sports

EaziBet is a site for bettors across Africa; and we celebrate the diversity of our continent’s tastes by bringing you all the info you could need on sports all across the spectrum. Whether you fancy playing the odds on local teams or international champs; whether you’re looking to check the stakes on the next big upcoming bout of soccer, of rugby, of cricket, basketball, or track racing, you are, with EaziBet, always just a few clicks away from doing so, anytime and anywhere. Want to know the latest fixture dates of the Rugby Sevens faceoffs? Keen to learn which of the upcoming Wimbledon bouts will feature your favourite players? Or would you rather keep it local and peruse the experts’ latest predictions for how the next [national_football_cup] bouts will likely play out? We ensure that you’ve got all of it at a couple of clicks.

In this way, we ensure that our fellow betting fans, no matter what their particular needs or tastes may be, will always have everything that they could need to build their bets upon a solid basis of facts and news.

And we’re hardly limited to sports bets, either. When our users fancy taking their betting beyond the realm of sports and into pure numbers and wild odds, you can pay a visit to our lottery section. Here, our users can peruse a wide selection of lotteries – both in Africa and beyond – and place bets on the outcome of their draws. After all, if there’s anything that we love here in Africa almost as much as sports, it’s got to be lotteries.

And should you still be doubtful that EaziBet is the definitive online sports betting service for Africa, we’d very much like to direct you toward our selection of promotions and bonuses. For newcomers, these include a 30% bonus on accumulator bets;  and no less than a [first_deposit_percentage] bonus on your first deposit.

That’s right, we’ll more than double your first deposit. When sports are as wild and thrilling and high-stakes as they are here in Africa, we like to see to it that our fellow bettors are heading out there equipped not just with all the latest tips and odds, but also with a deep pot to draw from.

So to sum up, fellow bettors of Africa: we very much hope that you’ll consider casting your next sports bet Africa through EaziBet. We’d very much like to see to it that your betting experience is as safe, as efficient, as accessible, as fun, and – if luck permits – as profitable as we can make it.